Wedding – Wedding Cakes: History and Tips


Wedding – Wedding Cakes: History and Tips

Wedding cakes are comes in all sizes and shapes, and there is no limit to the creativity regarding style and design. They have become a standing tradition as the focal point of the wedding reception.

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Old Tradition

In Greek and Roman cultures wedding cakes have always been very popular. Maybe the tradition of scattering confetti or rice over bride and groom has evolved together with the wedding cake. The Romans believe that scattered wheat stand for good fertility for the bride and groom and therefore wheat is a common cake ingredient and symbolizes life. Under the Roman era it was a tradition for the guests to give wedding cakes to bride and groom in order to simulate the gift of.

Brides who made their own personal wedding cakes were considered to be asking for trouble in the future. The groom could break the gift cakes on the bride’s head as a symbol of the breaking of a woman’s virginity, symbolizing her surrender to the groom.

The wedding guests could then scramble for the dropped crumbs because they believed the crumbs would bring luck. The evolution of the wedding cake has resulted in breaking less common these days. But the tradition still exists in some parts of Scotland. During the eighteenth century the tradition of keeping the top tier of the cake and not eating it on the wedding day, but instead at the first anniversary was possible when the wedding cakes were still made with fruit cakes blended with wine to keep them consumable even after a long time.

A cake that contains a hidden ring, the bride´s pie, was popular between the early seventeenth to the nineteenth century. If an unmarried woman who is able to find this hidden ring, she is supposed to get married very soon. The bride’s pie did develop into the more sophisticated cakes of the Victorian era. Queen Victoria was so fond of decorated cakes and bridal gowns that she ordered a cake created for her own wedding, weighing over 300 lbs. (≈136 kg).


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The bride’s cake is without a doubt the most popular type of wedding cake, in opposition to groom’s cake, that is only a basic slab of cake that offers a supplement to the more sophisticated bride’s cake. The majority of bride cakes are typically tall tiered cakes with fruits and flowers. A lot of single ladies buy groom cakes for that reason they would “dream about their future life partners”.

Many brides’ cakes have been decorated by the bride as an expression of her designing style. Some of the decorations are custom made figurines on the top tier, a couple of sugar flowers or fruit in season. For flower designs commonly a bride can decide to place it at the top of the wedding cake or have it cascade around the tiers for a more decorative look. It can have the romantic appeal with one unifying design

The groom’s cake is much more of a wedding favorite and plays a particular part of the wedding as well. The groom chooses his particular individual style but typically it is made of dark chocolate. It is often a supplement to the bride’s cake since it is often served at the reception dinner and is due to this fact a lot cheaper than the bride’s cake itself.

To assure you get exactly what you have ordered it´s preferable to order the wedding cake two months in advance. They are expensive but if you take some time to check out a couple of the local bakery’s in order to compare prices and styles, then hopefully you find a nice cake you like. Some of the bakeries can provide you with pictures of cakes and a free taste as well. Don´t only focus on fancy design and don´t  forget to taste the cake as well.

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