The Benefits Of Yoga For Those Affected By Breast Cancer | Yomni


I recently had the chance to attend a Yomni event, a fundraiser to help raise money that contributes to free yoga classes for those affected by breast cancer sponsored by The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

This event was such a pleasure to attend as cancer has taken many lives of people I love. As tough as it was to watch my loved ones go through that journey, it was also so inspiring to see strength, and resilience and the power of not giving up.

During the Yomni event 100’s of us shared laughter, unconditional love and connection. Connection to each other and oneself. We were all surrounded by strong empowering, inspiring women.

I had the chance to talk with Candace Labbé, a yoga teacher offering classes tailored for those affected with breast cancer. In this video she discusses the benefits yoga can bring during this journey.

Candace Labbé teaches at Clinique Atma ( & Centre Namasthé (
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To donate to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation visit:

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