SUPER Stress Free Golf – How to Break 90 System for JMac


In this episode we follow JMac around the course as I guide him while he uses my principles on how to break 90. We are back at Dynasty Golf and Country Club in Thailand.


Now he has the system down, and we tweaked it a little to allow him to take pressure off himself particularly regarding changing the par of the course to a par 90.

This is SUPER STRESS FREE GOLF: Change the par of the course to your own par and forget the names associated with the different numbers. There are no more pars, birdies, bogeys, doubles. See everything as merely a number, add it all up and you’ll get your score. That’s easy. Then when you make a 6 on a par four, you don’t need to see it as a double either, you can reassociate that to being a bogey.

JMac’s clubs:
M2 hybrid:

We chase par too often and in the worst times when even a bogey is a good score. This obsession with the “par” as determined by the designer for the professional golfer, is a sick one. We are hurting ourself with this nonsense.

Next step is ZFG golf. You literally must give zero scheisses as to what othe rpeople think of you hitting a 6 iron off the tee, the hybrid or the 4 iron instead of the popular Oscar Bravo choice of a driver.

ZERO F*** GIVEN means we come to terms with who we are and how we play most efficiently. And that is powerful. The day you give up your delusions of grandeur and accept you are how you are and you can jam as you are, the happier you’ll be and the more able you will be to improve your game in your weaker areas.

You’ll be able to identify your weaknesses better without all the ego in the way.

Another quick tip is to use older balls or cheaper balls. Just have less attachment to the expense and the fanciness of the ball and you’ll relieve pressure to NOT lose a ball. Just go out with whatever you have and not your most expensive new balls and you’ll have a great time!