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Egg Cooking Methods for Dummies

One of the most common protein sources we are known is the hen eggs. Those are full of nutritional healthy vitamins and minerals, and is an excellent choice of food if you want a lot of proteins at a low price. There is some information about a couple common cooking methods that explain the basic differences between them.

Perfect soft boiled egg on an egg cup with pepper and salt

Boiling Eggs

The eggs should have room temperature before starting to boil them. For breakfast eggs you can take them from the refrigerator and let the egg be at room temperature overnight. The reason not to take an egg directly from the refrigerator to boil is to reduce the risk for shell cracking under the boiling process.

Some people lay the egg into the boiling water then others start with cold water and let it be worn together with the pot. The second manner reduces the shell cracking risks ever more, but if you carefully lay a room temperature egg in the pot with the help of a spoon there is often no problem. The boiling time, however, can be a little different depending how fast your cooker will be heated. Another tip is to add a little vinegar or salt into the water to avoid the white from billowing in case of cracking.

Time for cooking depends if you prefer soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. Chose 2-3 min for soft, 5-6 min for medium, and 7-8 min for hard boiled. Then it’s time to remove the eggs from the heat and cool them down in the air or even better, in cold water. If you don´t do it, then the egg yolk continues to curdle due to residual heat. This cooling procedure helps to aid an easy take of the egg shell. If you use water when flushing for about ½-1 min.

Fried Egg

Fried Eggs

The basic rules are to heat the pan to medium until just hot enough to frizzle a drop of water and add a little butter or oil. Break the eggs and slip it carefully into the frying pan and then directly reduce heat to low. Follow the cooking and see how the egg withe completely get set and solid, and the yolk is still liquid for soft fried egg, or if you prefer a hard yolk you wait a couple of minutes more. Eat the eggs cooked only on one side or turn it over it briefly and cooked at other side shortly also.

In English speaking countries fried eggs are popular to eat at breakfast. In UK there are served on toast, sandwich, with bacon or sausages. In the pub you can find it with ham or gammon steak as a pub grub meal.

Scrambled Egg

Scrambled Eggs

Break the eggs and whisk it together with water or milk. Pour the mix into a hot greased pan. Lower the heat and stirred the mix at the same time then coagulating. This gives you a small, soft curd of eggs. Then the liquid has mostly set, you can add more ingredients, for example, herbs, ham, cheese or cream and let the whole dish cooking together. Let the eggs be a little under cooked when remove it from the heat, because the egg is still continuing to set. If you have succeeded with the eggs there should be moist in the textures and have a creamy consistency.

Omelet with diced vegetables


The omelet is in short terms beaten eggs cooked quickly with butter or vegetable oil in a frying pan. To get a fluffy texture and taste you can add flour, milk, cream, cheese and spices. Add milk or cream gives a kind of water vapor around the rapidly cooked eggs. To get even fluffier omelets you can add baking powder as well. As filling you can use ham, sausage, mushroom, vegetables or scrimps, but all additions should be pre-cooked, especially meats.The filling should be added then the batter is still soggy. An alternative is to cooking the batter to solidify, then add the filling and wrap it around.

Poached eggs on toast with watercress and pepper.

Poached Eggs

Take a small pot and pour about 2 inches of water in it. Turn off the heat directly when the water starts to boil. Pour a few drops of vinegar and a pinch of salt. Break the egg into a cup, put a spoon in the water and stir around to make a swirl of water. Pour the egg carefully together in the boiled water. Take help to keep it together with the spoon if you need it. Let the egg be in the water for about 3-5 minutes. Take the egg from the pot with a skimmer and if you success the egg yolk should have a little creamy consistency.

Hot Passion Fruit Souffle With Langue De Chat Biscuits


A nice dish is soufflé who is a kind of air filled pudding with egg yolks, beaten egg white, butter, sugar, and cream. To flavor you can add cheese, jam, berries, prune, lemon, banana or chocolate depending if you served it as a savory main dish or a dessert. It is baked in the oven and the difficultly and funny with it is to follow then the soufflé is puffed and fluffy up after 5-10 minutes in the heat. Don´t open the oven at this time or the soufflé is falling down.

Casserole - Cauliflower Baked With Egg And Cheese


A casserole is a popular dish cooked in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zeeland, and is based on egg, milk and spices. Ingredients beaten softly and baked in the oven with some kind of liquid until the eggs have coagulated. Casserole can be used to bind together ingredients for vegetable gratin or fish pudding. If you use cream instead of milk it called egg royal and can be served cold or warm together with additions.

Usually casseroles include pieces of chicken, tuna, or chopped vegetables, flour, potato or pasta as a starch binder, and a crunchy topping. After the dish is assembled you can add some wine, cider, beer, or vegetable juice. Cooked slowly uncovered in the oven and served as a main course or a side dish.


Baked Eggs

Baked eggs or shirred eggs are a dish there you use a flat bottomed gratin dish for baking. Another way to do is to break the eggs into individual ramekins, a small glazed ceramic or glass serving bowl, and cook them in a water bath. Baked eggs can be eaten at breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Traditionally it is being baked with butter until the whites have set and the yolks still have a creamy consistent. For variations you can add breadcrumbs or cheese to get a crusty surface at the top of the eggs, or garnishing with, for example, tarragon herbs. Rice, vegetables or sauces can be nested in with the baked eggs, but adding those ingredients should be heated before mixing with the eggs for faster and more even cooking.

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