Recipes – Creepy Halloween Party Food Tips


Recipes – Creepy Halloween Party Food Tips

Creepy thing

Do you want to surprise family and friends on Halloween? One thing you can do is to take ordinary familiar food and creepy up it a little, but only the look and not change the taste. Food color can change a nice food to a creepy and scaring meal whatever it’s for a Halloween kid’s party or a spooky party for adults, but the last thing you want is to use the same bore old treats. The celebrating of Halloween should be: scary, spooky and mysterious. So, how do you do to give your guest a great party to remember?

Recipes - Halloween-Goblet-With-SkullsDrink

Start with exiting refreshments for any age. Make a tiny kick and decorate your Halloween drinks. You can buy small plastic creepy bugs like beetles, worms or spiders and put them into your drink. You can also put these bugs and water into ice cube container and freeze it and use them as ice drink cube. The guest can actually see the bugs through the ice cube.
“Dirty water” is also a nice to serve the guests. To make the water “dirty” add some sherbet to the lemonade, mix it with regular lemonade and it´s becoming a nice gray-brown unpleasant color. Do you like blood? Well, add some red food color to smoothies and you gain a drink that looks like a real blood.

Recipes - Halloween-child-friendly-treatSnacks and cakes

When snacks as well as other kind of Halloween party food? If you try to give spookiness to your treats then slimy Jell-O is a great and easy way to go. Depends on what´s spooky sense you are looking for, popular Halloween color are green for sticky substance, red for blood and black for darkness. Pieces of ”brain substance” can makes of green Jell-O and for solidified blood use red Jell-O.
Cupcakes are easy to creep up them with colorful frostings or bake cookies and top them with different type of spooky decorations. But remember to select edible decorations or else kids or mindless adults maybe put something not edible in their mouth as a mistake.

Scary and spooky

Another fun thing you can do is take red, peeled grapes. Order your guests to close their eyes and put their hands into a bowl of peeled grapes and of course don’t tell what it is before. Let them taste the grapes and in the same time they touch their mouth you tell them it´s a cat’s eyeball, just for fun! A great spooky Halloween party requires a great host or hostess who is able to scare up the guests.

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