Playing Golf With MY NEW GOLF CLUBS…


Playing Golf With MY NEW GOLF CLUBS… Theres no better feeling than a set of brand new golf clubs. be it expensive golf clubs, cheap golf clubs or budget golf clubs. that could consist of a new driver, new irons, new wedges a new putter and maybe even new 3-wood. in this video I’m talking irons, in particular Mizuno mp20 irons. also in this video is your own chance to win a FULL set of Mizuno mp20 irons of your choice! would you go Mizuno mp20 mb, Mizuno mp20 hmb? maybe Mizuno mp20 mmc? which iron should you buy? which irons should a mid handicap use? which irons should you get in 2019?in this video I put this to the test… lets do it, and lets do it now!