hi guys welcome back to the channel my name is Golf and I am a professional golfer currently playing on Thailand PGA. This is my Youtube Channel and we just hit 10 thousand subscribers on the channel and on one of my videos I asked you guys what would you like to get for the celebration and a lot of you voted for my golf swing video so here we go.

Role of main body parts
1. the role of the body is rotating.
2. the role of the wrists are hinging and unhinging.
3. the role of the knees are stretching and flexing.

Swing Steps (My Dad taught me all this)
1. rotate the body but keep both arms connected to the body and maintain the angle between the club and arms. rotate the body to about where the club is paralleled to the ground.

2. hinge the wrist and keep on rotating the body to the top swing and let the knees stretch up(passively)

3. squat down with the left knee and REVERSE step2 to step1

4. left knee goes up and make a handshake with the target. (3 to 4 is very fast)

5. keep the upper body on top and keep on rotating the body to finish.


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