Mental Health – How to Improve Your Motivation


Mental Health – How to Improve Your Motivation

Do you have lazy and unmotivated periods in your life? Feeling your life just go on and on as a rat in a turning wheel? Do you want some advice how to be motivated and raise the energy level in your body and mind? Well, here are some practical advice for you. Chose a couple of them and see if it’s working for you.

Make Small or Large deals with Yourself

This is good for getting things done right now and not next day or next year. Say to yourself something like: when this is done,  then I can take a coffee break and enjoy a cupcake (But don’t cheat and take the break before the work is done).

Behave as you like It

If you don’t feel enthusiastic or motivated at the time, ignore that feeling and act as if you really have the energy to do it anyway. Don’t be surprised if you after a couple of minutes are enthusiastic for real. Even a vacuum cleaning can be fun with the right approach and  nice music in your ear.

Update your Goal

Of course you have goals in your life, don’t you? But sometimes those needs some change over time. Large and specific goals tend to be more effective for your motivation than a small one.

Create a Flow

To get started on a lethargic and non motivated day it´s good to start with a small task like washing the dishes or pay your bills (no, it’s never fun to pay bills but it’s feels nice when you have done it). After you are feeling a small flow then you can go for next and bigger task.

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Toughest task First

If you have the energy, but only then, do the toughest task first and boost up your self-confidence. By choosing toughest first then the remaining task is peace of cake for the rest of the day.

Take it Slow at the Beginning

If you in your mind visualize the task as something that is hard, and need to do it fast, then there is a risk you only push it forward. Also, it’s better to start slowly rather than not to start at all.

Compare Yourself only with Yourself

There are always people who are doing things better than you. Comparing  your self with them is a good way to kill your motivation. Focus on your own results, and how you can improve them. It’s also a good idea to review your results for two reasons: so you can see if you have made any mistakes in learning about, and second as a motivator to see how much you have improved over time.

Don’t Forget your own Successes

Remember that you have been successful and let your mind flow with those memories. Think of it as a mom or dad who set up stars on a paper at the refrigerator door if the children have done something good, and after for instance 10 stars receives some reward for that. Even us adults need to be reminded and rewarded for the good things we have achieved.

Inspires by your Heroes

Listen and watch them, read about them and discover what they have done to be a hero. But remember there are only people as the rest of us. So be inspired but don’t look up to them uncritically.

Life Should be Fun

Sometimes we forget to have fun in our life and lose motivation for everything. If your life sucks, then try to do something to bring more funny things into your life.

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Challenge your Comfort Zone

One thing you can do to receive a real boost of motivation is to challenge your comfort zone. Overcoming a fear or do something unusual can be scary at first, but afterwards both your self-confidence and motivation have been rising.

Don’t fear Making Mistakes

Everyone made mistakes now and then and redefine it as feedback to learn about, it’s part of life. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a famous soccer player from Sweden and have done a lot of goals but also missed a huge more shot in his career. He remembers his goals and put them as a positive part in his brain but don’t save the memory of all of his missing shots, and still continued to shoot for trying to do any more goals.

Do some Research Before Action

If you have done research before you do something it’s easier to follow what to do and give you a hint of why you have failed in the past. But be care, you can kill the first initial enthusiasm with too high expectations. Do research and have expectations, but realistic ones.

Understand why you do It

If you don’t have a clue why or lots of reasons for what you gone to do then it’s hard do doing it. So, figure the reason and do it, or drop it and do something else.

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Write Down your Goals

To remember goals and reasons that you work for them it’s a good idea to write down and put them into your wall, computer or refrigerator (only a couple of them and not to overflow the refrigerator door). That raises the chance to stay on track and be focused throughout the day.

Think Positive

Learn to see the life in a positive way most of the time and don’t let the negative thoughts hold on to you. Of course sometimes you might not able to see the positive thing in everything what happened in our lives, but most of us can improve our positive thinking and find something good even in bad situations.

Cut Down Your TV time

Do you like spending a lot of time watching TV? Is it really what you want to do in your life or is it only a bad habit? Do something more creative and fun instead.

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Do Small Projects

Break down big tasks or projects into a small one. Focus on a small step at the beginning and moving forward, one by one part. Then a big project can stop you and becoming too overwhelmed, a small one can give positive feedback every step you make. It’s amazing how effective to follow this method can give you great results.

Chose your Intake of Information

There is a lot of negative and cynical program, articles etc. in every media today. Avoid too much of them and fill up your brain with positive thought instead. Be selective and read a good and positive book, join a personal growth training course or listen to a nice and calm music.

Use your Creativity

Take some time for a real brainstorm and write down 20 ideas you like to explore or develop in your life. It can be for instance live a healthier life, learn something new skills or a wish to see a new place, but be creative and don’t be afraid to write down something who seems as a bad idea at first. Maybe you can find a positive approach even from a beginning bad idea.

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Think Outside your Box

Ok, you have probably heard it before, but it’s an important viewpoint. Your todays existing box reflex your past experience but don’t see your future as a box you can’t break through. Be creative, open your mind and don’t let your today existing box set the limits for the future.

Do Happy Things Often

Ask yourself a question: What makes you happy? Find it out and work for how you can do it more frequently.

Be more Effective

Save time and listen at motivational or personal development mp3: s files in your iPhone or mobile phone then you drive your car, on the bus, at your bike or walk around. If you are interested to learn a new language then It’s a good idea to do it in the same way.

Our life is Limited by the Time

We don’t have all the time in the world so focus and use every day as you really want to do.

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