INDIA – Part 1 : My Yoga [the Invisible Benefits]


We travelled to the heart of Yoga, India, to explore the culture in hopes to learn.

I was not prepared for the over-stimulation that I was about to experience. With the chaos came a lot of lessons. These unexpected teachings left me with a better understanding of the culture around Yoga, as well as a better understanding of myself.

I believe that Yoga is looked at in the wrong light, it is so much more than flexibility and stretching – it is a state of mind and being that is greatly mislabelled and overlooked. I personally believe that there are a ton of mental benefits of yoga, and more people should consider yoga for not just the physical health benefits, but mental health purposes as well.

I am extremely grateful for my experience here, and I cannot wait to continue sharing – Subscribe for more!

Huge thanks to Jonah Kest for the inspiration and for helping guide this video, and my entire experience in India.

Directed by Colin Dougan x Jonah Kest
Photo by Jonah Kest
Video by Colin Dougan x Devdxb

MUSIC: Lonely Island – CloZee
Instagram: @thecolindougan & @kestyoga