How to Break 90 with my Video Game Golf Assessment Method for QUICK WINS!


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This is part of the sequence and method we used to identify some QUICK wins for J-Mac to improve in some very simple areas to fix, but make a large impact on his score.







I noticed his putting distance control was weak.
His bunker play was non-existent.
He shanked and topped a few balls a round because of alignment due to fear and doubt.
He was afraid of hitting fat shots, so he hit fat shots.
He got himself between 40 and 70 yards away which is not his, nor my, strong suite.

We worked on these basic things which I estimate could save the guy 10 shots a round.

We did a 1 minute bunker lesson. Literally took 1 minute and two slaps of sand to get the concept. Most guys are scared of slapping the sand out a bunker. JUST SLAP THE HELL OUT OF IT.

We did a lot of putting practice but eventually the solutionw as mental and J-Mac was letting demons flood in when he stared too long at the ball. Doubts, fears, anxiety. By looking at the hole, he let go of all demons and just stroked the putt.

We didn’t do any short putting though.

We also did the anti-fat shot tape drill on the mats. Easy enough to understand. hit the tape behind the ball and you’ve hit it fat. Stop doing that.

We focused on alignment to avoid the temptation to close off the stance when their is doubt. Find something in front of the ball to line up to and then you eliminate one variable. You know you’re aligned, now just swing.

Video of the round coming and also of further work we did together. I will also make a video elaborating on how to find Low hanging fruit in your game to improve really quick.