How to break 90 – an 89 with 666 Super Stress Free Golf Break 90 System – PART 1


Part 2:

J-Mac learns how to break 90 like a baus with the Super Stress Free Golf 666 Golf System where i combined the 6-6-6 brekaing 80 system with the idea of Super STress free golf where we add one to the par of each hole. He played a great opening nine here and I was very proud of the way he kept his composure.



This is a more attacking system for playas who can reach the greens in professional regulation for some quick wins. The more regulation pars, NET BIRDIES, we can score, the more leeway we have with the other holes.

We identified 9 holes where J Mac could hit the green in reg and knew if we could get it on or near the green in real regulation, we could win big. If we didn’t make standard par on the hole, and we made a double or a bogey, IDGAF golf was employed.

J-Mac has a great mental game. Putting is his headworm creator though and yes he looks at the hole when he putts because it’s a way of getting rid of the headworms which talk us into putting badly.

We worked mainly on the short game in the week before this round and neglected the long game, This can be seen in the numebr of topped and fatted shots he hit. If he can get rid of those, I think he’s looking at a very solid 13-15 handicap in the near future. Waddabaus! Waddplaya, wadda way of the playa.