Gorgeous and Devilish – Fore Play vs. Erin Hills Golf Course, 9th Hole


Erin Hills is one of our favorite golf destinations in the world. The course is quite delicious and the hospitality is even better. From arrival to departure they take care of your every need and of needs you didn’t even know you had. How often do you get the chance to play golf on a Wisconsin farm and have that golf be world-class? Be a U.S. Open venue? While being state of the art in every way, they somehow managed too to make everything feel like it’s appropriate. Like it’s indigenous.

Great logo too. They also have an 18-hole putting course with night lights and a 5-hole Kettle Loop for overnight guests. Love us some Erin Hills.

I know you want to get yourself there so here’s how you do it: Email [email protected] or call 866-772-4769

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