CONSEQUENCE FREE GOLF – Fun Practice Relax with your Brodog


J-mac and I played at Permas Jaya Golf Club and paid $10 for a quick 9 on some very well manicured greens especially for this part of the world.



I wanted him to forget the consequence of his shot and play some consequence free golf to relax and have some fun hitting his ball wherever it goes and then hitting mine whereever it went.

It’s a fun golf course and great for on-course practice. We played an alternate shot with two balls to practice hitting shots we don’t regularly hit and to just not care about the result because the other guy was going to hit it.

This is a fun way to practice and build confidence because we aren’t always able to release pressure from ourselves because we are always liable for the result of the shots.

J-Mac learned that he can hit his hybrid off the deck in his pursuit to break 90. This is a shot he used in his next video to great effect. His short putting needed some work and I am happy to say he didn’t miss any short ones in this round. His game is coming along nicely.

Try consequence free golf yourself and just go out there and play your shot without fear. Your brodog will take over and he will have to fashion a recovery.