Benefits of Yoga | How to do Padma Bakasana | Yoga for Health


Benefits of Yoga | How to do Padma Bakasana

Yoga for Health. Yoga is the technique of mind control prescribed by Maharshi Patanjali. Control involves two aspects – a power to concentrate on any desired subject or object and a capacity to remain peaceful at all the time.

Padma Bakasana strengthens the arms, wrists, tones the core, opens the hips and tops of the feet and knees.
Health Benefits of Padma Bakasana
— Very Useful Exercise for Back Pain
— Stimulates Lower Parts of Belly
— Eliminates all kinds of Abdominal Disorders
— Provides enough Strength to Shoulder, Wrists, Thighs & to the Legs.
— Hence a very Effective exercise for Athletes & Sportsman

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